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Luminous Ceiling Profile Construction<br>25 mm x 50 mm

Luminous Ceiling Profile Construction
25 mm x 50 mm

Prod. No. Description Available Stock Retail Price
AP-300-002 Luminous Ceiling Profile Construction 974 meter 15,30 €
LS-000-000 Layout charges for Translucent Cloth1 time each layout order 0 flat rate 100,00 €
LS-001-001 Translucent Cloth - manufactured to dimensions incl. rubber lip 0 m² 89,00 €
LS-001-002 Translucent Cloth printed - manufactured to dimensions incl. Rubber lip 0 m² 111,00 €
AD-100-200 Aluminium Dilite White 1000x2000x3mm 8 piece(s) 158,00 €
AD-125-250 Aluminium Dilite White 1250x2500x3mm 12 piece(s) 232,00 €
AD-150-300 Aluminium Dilite White 1500x3000x3mm 6 piece(s) 322,00 €
AD-150-400 Aluminium Dilite White 1500x4000x3mm 2 piece(s) 418,00 €
DL-002-002 Custom cutting of aluminium profile or plastic covering up to 4m length 6,00 €
DL-002-102 Custom cutting of aluminium profile or plastic covering with miter up to 4m length 9,00 €