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A passion for light since 2011

AUTLED was founded on a passion for innovative lighting. Our focus on LED light strips was born out of the desire to create high-quality products that serve the needs of the market..

Along with the product development and manufacture of all our LED products, AUTLED is also  esponsible for product design. In our in-house carpentry workshop, new developments are thoroughly tested in  practical applications – before they are put into series production..

We are a partner that can offer specialised services to the lightingbranch but also to the furniture and carpentry industries on an equal footing:

  • Fabrication of LED strips
  • Cutting and CNC machining of profiles for LEDs
  • Manufacturing complete lights
  • Assembly of light modules for backlighting illuminated ceilings
    and many other applications

For more information, please see the following download link:   Services

Konfektionierung eines LED FlexstripsSonderzuschnitt eines Aluminiumprofils oder einer KunstoffabdeckungBohren eines AluminiumprofilsAusfräsen eines Aluminiumprofils

Quality first

We put the focus on quality, both in manufacturing and in the services we offer:

  • High quality of light and maximum colour rendering
  • Very narrow “binning”, which means good and strict colour sorting of the LEDs used
  • Consistent quality across all batchesn
  • High-quality surface finishing for profiles, sleek design
  • All LED products 100% quality controlled in house
  • Special lighting systems manufactured on site


Highly customised

Many components are manufactured especially for AUTLED to ensure that they meet our requirements.  This means that we have control over the LED chips used, their drivers and the PCB layout which helps ensure we achieve the desired characteristics. Our profile design, including the required extrusion tools, is
manufactured especially and exclusively for us.


Clear company philosophy

That’s why when it comes to the important issues of distribution and price, we focus on consistency and transparency:

  • Sales exclusively through our distribution partners
  • Transparent pricing always available on www.autled.com


Thinking ahead

Environmental considerations are important to us. That is why in 2020 we installed a 200 kWp  photovoltaic system on the roof of our building, which also powers a large part of the company’s
vehicle fleet. For us, long-term thinking also means good and lasting cooperation with our partners, stable business processes, excellent service and a long product lifetime..



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AUTLED – Manufacturer and wholesaler of LED light strips